The Xiaomi Truclean W10 Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum Filter is designed to improve the lifespan of your Xiaomi Truclean W10 Pro Vacuum. This filter’s innovative design provides complete and efficient cleaning while prioritising user convenience and environmental responsibility.

The Xiaomi Truclean W10 Pro collects fine particles and larger debris, keeping your area impeccably clean and free of dust and allergens. Its design ensures clear air ducts, ensuring optimal performance and eliminating jams. Whether you’re dealing with wet or dry problems, the stable fan operation offers consistent and powerful cleaning performance. With its user-friendly design, maintenance is a breeze, making filter removal and garbage emptying a breeze.

It is washable and environmentally friendly, which allows you to embrace sustainability. Reuse the filter by washing it easily to save waste and save money on replacements. The Xiaomi Truclean W10 Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum Filter redefines cleanliness by integrating innovation, convenience, and environmental awareness in a single accessory.


  • Full Filtration
  • Clean Air Ducts
  • Stable fan operation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Washable and Environmentally friendly


  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Highly Densified Material


  • Xiaomi Truclean W10 Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum Filter x2
  • User Manual x1